How to Say Goodbye to Armpit Sweat For Good

Dealing with excess armpit sweat can be embarrassing for many people. No one wants to deal with wet clothes and humiliating odors. Thankfully, individuals can be offered a miradry treatment which will allow them to overcome their excess sweat so they can regain their confidence and not have to worry anymore.

What Causes Excess Sweat?

Hyperhidrosis disorder is a condition that causes excessive sweating which can become quite embarrassing. Individuals who are dealing with excess sweat find themselves with wet clothing, bad odors, and clothing stains which can become impossible to remove.

The condition can be caused by menopause, cancer, heart disease, and a range of other conditions. In some individuals, the cause of Hyperhidrosis disorder is not known. Those who suffer from this condition will suddenly break out in a sweat for no known reason, even when they are in cool temperatures and feeling calm. For some people, stressful situations seem to bring on the bouts of sweat, which can make this condition unbearable.

Treatment For Hyperhidrosis Disorder

While there are a few different types of treatment for Hyperhidrosis disorder, most of these are invasive and lead to a painful recovery process. With an electromagnetic treatment, the sweat glands can be obliterated so there is no more sweat and no more odors.

The treatment involves first marking the area so the treatment can be performed precisely. Once the area is numb, the hand-held device will be passed over the armpit area. The heat energy sent to the sweat glands effectively destroys them, while the cooling blast helps to prevent damage done to the upper layers of the skin.

Most people will need to undergo more than one treatment for the best results. Because there is no invasion into the skin, most people do not have any major downtime and are able to go back to a fairly normal schedule.

It is normal for the armpit area to remain a little swollen and irritated during the healing process. To learn more about this treatment or PRP for skin, make sure you visit the website today. If you are ready to schedule your Miradry appointment, call the office right away.